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EM Newsletter 02

170 and rising!

With the upcoming MultiEuropeans another World Class Hobie Event is to get started.

Sailors are coming to Austria as far as Brasil and Argentina on the one side of the World and Australia as the other end of the World.

Kids and teenagers are getting excited to see the lake in the heart of Austria and get a feeling for the warm welcoming atmosphere of Burgenland – the Eastern part of Austria.

With its smooth hills and nice beaches Lake Neusiedl is a charming site to host the 2011 Europeans.

THE greatest Hobie Event in 2011 in the world!

Last minute entries are still possible on

Renown names like Detlef Mohr, Cederic Bader are only a few of those who achieved the previous titles. It will be a high ranking list of competitors that want to explore Lake Neusiedl.

Knowing the atmosphere around the more than 40 km long lake myself, I can assure you that you will like it!

So, join in, tell your friends and see Lake Neusiedl where the Hobie Way of Life will be celebrated again!


Fritz-R. Klocke

EHCA President


Gruß/ best regards

Fritz-R. Klocke

EHCA President


SKYPE: hobiefritz